Trade-in Program

How it works

Each pair of boots gets a unique value based on model, condition, size, color, etc. Bring your boots by the store/track, or send us some pictures online to get a value towards your next pair of boots!
Not ready for a new set, but have pair to get rid of? Our Boot buy-out program is perfect for you. Follow the same steps as the trade-in procedure *Buy-outs receive a lower value than trade-ins*

What if I can't come to the store to trade-in my boots

1. Send us some pictures to get your trade-in value
2. Pick out your next pair
a. Pay for your next boots in full and send your boots back when the new pair arrives - You will be refunded the trade-in value upon arrival of your used boots to the store.
b. Send your boots in first - pay the difference - we will send the new set once the used set arrives 
*for our protection, we can not ship our boots prior to your boots arriving to the store*

What condition can my boots be in?

The boots must be wearable for another rider. Boots that are clean and have no missing parts will receive a higher value than those that may need parts/cleanup.

Other FAQs

What if I found a cheaper price somewhere else?

If you are not taking advantage of our boot trade-in program, we will match our competitors prices!

What payments types are accepted?

On our site: Credit Card and PayPal
Through email or DMs: Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Facebook Pay, Zelle



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